Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Would My Items Get Mixed up with other shipments.

Usually not,

Typically, if you are moving cross country and your shipment is relatively small
around 200-500 cubic feet or even much bigger your items will be transported
with other shipments... a large trailer holds about 3,700 to about 4,000 cubic
feet. So, unless you are moving a 6 bedroom home your items will always be
transported with other shipments this is true for long distances. For short
distances moving
will usually use a 24' - 28' truck and they will carry smaller
shipment without utilizing the whole truck if they must. You can always request
an exclusive right for a truck, but I will discuss this some other time.

Anyway to answer the question, every shipment has a unique lot number. When the
movers get to you house they will have an inventory sheet where the foreman will
write the description and the condition of each items with a corresponding
number. A sticker with the item number will be attached to each item. When the
movers unload the items it is a good idea for you the customer to have a copy of
the inventory sheet so you can also cross off the items as they come in .




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